Hi all this is just a quick post relating to a question I was asked today regarding my talks. I am available to speak to schools. Some of the topics I can speak on are:
My I CAN Story

 I talk about some of the challenges I have faced as an autistic person and how I got to where I am today. I recommend this talk if you are looking to inspire and motivate your students or guests.
Student Voice

I talk about what student voice is and how to have your voice heard.
The Rethink On Autism

In this talk I explain what the rethink of autism looks like and why we need it. I have to warn you that this talk contains the topics of suicide and bullying.
If you are interested in inviting me to talk whether it be at an event or to a class of students please feel free to contact me for a quote.

Email: bryce.pace.autism.advocate@gmail.com

Mobile: 04 4771 9496 

You can also message me via Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and on my website http://www.brycepaceautismadvocate.wordpress.com

I look forward to working with you

Bryce Pace

Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker


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