Life after school

A little while ago I was interviewed by the ABC for an article about life after year 12 make sure you check it out.”I hid my autism diagnosis for four years – I felt ashamed of being different. When you go from primary school to secondary school you have to re-build everything from scratch, and change isn’t our strong suit, and being social isn’t really either. But I ended up building a very good network of friends. I basically just started telling people I’m proud to be on the autism spectrum. I’m proud to be different. My ultimate goal is a world that embraces autism and difference in general.”
Bryce Pace is a powerful advocate for people on the autism spectrum. You can read more of his story in this new feature from ABC News:


9 year old advocate

People on the autism spectrum are just like everyone else, with a few quirks added to the mix. George is nine years old, likes creating music on his computer, dancing and loves tacos. A little while ago he decided to create a video for his 4th-grade class to explain what autism is. Since it has been uploaded to YouTube it has gone viral and I can see why. It explains autism in a creative way while still accurately painting a picture of what it is like to live on the spectrum, and don’t forget the sick beats written and composed by George himself. Make sure you take a look for yourself as I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future.
Bryce Pace
Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker

It is Time to Change

People wonder why parents are scared to send their autistic child to a mainstream school. This is a good example of why.. Schools are not treating students equally and prefer to abuse students on the spectrum rather than teach them. Please read and share this so that we can make people aware of what is happening inside Australia’s schools. It is time to change our ways and to treat all students with respect as this treatment is happening too often.


Bryce Pace

Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker

Help Me Fulfill My Dream

I have some exciting projects planned for next year that may not be able to happen if I can’t find a way to fund them soon, therefore, I have decided to launch a Patreon page. Patreon Enables me to raise much-needed funds while supplying you all with some pretty cool rewards. If you are interested in helping me fulfill my dream of a world that accepts and embraces autism please feel free to become a Patron by heading to
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Stand Fast Festival Sensory Tours

At this year’s, Stand, Fast Festival, Sea Shepherd Melbourne is holding sensory tours before the main event opens. If you know someone who might be interested in ships or if you are a little curious as to what the sea shepherd looks like on the inside feel free to share the following link.
There will be 3 Sensory tours:
one at 12:30 pm (with AUSLAN)
12:55 pm (with AUSLAN)
I would recommend getting in quick as there are limited spaces. If you or your child don’t have any sensory needs please don’t sign up for these tours, as you can tour the ship during the main event.…/1FInsFvHK7T5sDcsPbEC96C…/viewform…
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